Have fun practicing with these short fitness-exercises for little fingers. They will give you the chance to develop the muscles of the inside hand to avoid technical problems before you cN get angry about them.

These little fitness-exercises were developed while I was working with my very youngest students. Over the course of many years I experienced how important and effective finger-training is even for the youngest pianists. One of the main points of these exercises is the flexibility and relaxation of the thumbs.

The training units are short enough so that even the youngest students have no difficulties following through with them. Every exercise is complemented with a 3-week “high-score” list that will show personal progression and so the work becomes a satisfying and fun game.

Your work will be accompanied by Mr. Crotchetquaver, Mrs. Halfthreequarter and the Musicanary who will give you precious advice.

Important for parents and teachers:

The finger movements in these fitness-exercises are very easy to learn even for the youngest children, but it is not as easy to read the notes of the exercises. The fingering must be followed strictly. Therefore, children should get a bit of “adult help” while learning a new exercise.

Have fun and a lot of success with the “Little Piano-Acrobat”


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